Beef Wellington from the barbecue

Beef Wellington is a wonderful dish that combines several flavors making it a complete meal in itself. Beef Wellington is named after Arthur Wellesley the Duke of Wellington. He defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and that’s enough to get a dish named after you.

The Beef Wellington is a perfect recipe to make on the Kamado Joe because you use different cooking techniques to prepare it. We range from the extreme heat you need to grill the tenderloin to a stable temperature to indirectly cook the puff pastry.

Directly to the recipe
For this recipe you need a tenderloin with almost the same thickness from front to back. Then the Beef Wellington gets the right shape and the meat cooks evenly. We salt the tenderloin for 45 minutes before grilling it with sea salt. This will give the salt enough time to soak into the meat to give the tenderloin some flavor.

With a recipe like Beef Wellington you really discover how versatile the Kamado Joe is. We place the half moon grill plate in the lowest position briefly on the glowing charcoal. We want to grill the outside of the tenderloin without overcooking the inside.

First, pat the outside of the meat dry with some kitchen paper. Otherwise, that moisture would steam before the meat is grilled. Then the transfer of heat takes too long, so that the inside of the meat already starts to cook.

Also make sure that you put it on a different slice every time you turn the meat. Then you know for sure that the grill plate is at its hottest.

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