Smoked tomahawk steak with bone marrow butter

If you’re allowed to initiate a new smoker, you’d better throw something good at it. There was still a very thick dry-aged tomahawk steak of one and a half kilos in the freezer that fits exactly in the Masterbuilt 800.

We will smoke it low and slow together with a bulb of garlic and bone marrow to make a nice bone marrow butter.

Directly to the recipe
We will salt the steak first. That salt will draw surface moisture from the meat and then be absorbed with that moisture. There, the salt will flavor the meat from within.

Salting is done at least 45 minutes in advance and if you have the time a few hours to overnight. You don’t have to worry about the meat getting dry. That is because that is only the moisture on the surface of the meat and you also want that to be dry. A dry surface ensures a better crust.

You could make a tomahawk steak even more beautiful by stripping the bone completely. Then you have a frenched tomahawk steak. We’re not going to do that now. There is quite a nice piece of meat on that bone and because we are going to smoke the steak at a low temperature, that meat will not become too dry.

Together with the tomahawk steak, we also put a whole bulb of garlic and bone marrow on the grid to smoke. So we’re going to make the bone marrow butter from that later. Bone marrow butter is a seasoned butter with an insanely full taste that will fit perfectly with this steak. When the garlic and the bone marrow are soft, we remove them from the grid to make the bone marrow butter. We continue to cook the tomahawk up to 52ÂșC. Of course we measure this with our Smoke digital thermometer.

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