Leather BBQ apron

When you have family coming over for an evening of barbecuing then you will need the right tools to do so. To a great barbecue, the trendiest tools, a large piece of tender meat and the right herbs. But you cannot forget your personally customized leather BBQ apron.

To protect you against the hot flames, the food stains on your clothing and to complete the whole look as grill master.

The expert in leather BBQ aprons

Xapron regularly browses around various international fairs, food festivals and trendy barbecue gatherings. There they meet with experts, enthusiasts and masters of the grill to brainstorm on how they can lift the aprons to an even higher level.

They discuss things such as; which accessories are indispensable to have on hand when barbecuing and in which area they can still implement improvements. Also they discuss the strong points and te weak points, so the can improve those.

Why would you need a leather BBQ apron?

  • It will protect you against the hot flames of the grill, the fat splashes and the food stains
  • It will look awesome and you immediately look like an experienced grill master
  • A leather apron is extremely flexible and comfortable and it will fit perfectly around your body

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